• “… it was with dismay that I heard this week of another very rare eagle being killed by the blades of a turbine.   Such happenings are common though rarely reported.
  • This time it was in the Netherlands at a windfarm in Lelystad the site of the windfarm is close to a nature reserve that has, with tragic irony, been a safe refuge for the endangered Sea Eagles since they were introduced to the country a little over a decade ago.

The female eagle was believed to be around 5 years old and had collided with the fast spinning blades at a height of 100m (approx. 3 feet) – according to experts at Wageningen University, she had broken legs, a broken wing, and multiple internal wounds.

A sad end for a majestic creature.   Hundreds and thousands of eagles and other birds are being killed by wind turbines and with most of the deaths being – under-documented, the general public remain largely unaware of the destruction caused to bird life by the banks of turbines which are headily marketed as ‘green’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ clearly a deception.

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(Ref: Jason Endfield 25-03-18 /www.jasonendfield-weebly.com)

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