Col Glen Council held an open day at The Glendaruel Village Hall on March 11, 2018.
A number of interested parties attended with the meeting being chaired by Kathleen Russell.


  • Majority of attendees were clearly against the proposed windfarm.
  • Kathleen Russell advised that the Col Glen Council would be taking a neutral position (although it is alleged that a majority of councillors are against the project).   Having been through a very divisive 2015 windfarm proposal, put forth by the Col Glen Trust, it was felt council should be neutral.   It is a matter of record that a previous councillor who supported the Col Glen Trust Wind Turbine proposal of 2015, lost his seat.   It is no surprise that local politicians are becoming more aware of how divisive these issues are.
  • Key supporters were: Mr Charles Dixon – Spain and Mr McLuckie of the Col Glen Trust.   Even though the Col Glen Council felt this was a divisive issue and are taking a neutral position, the Col Glen Trust is taking the view that they need the money, despite the negative effect on health, environment, property value, and the community.
  • Mr Russell MSP advised the gathering that the matter would be dealt with on a ‘legal’ basis and other issues did not matter.   Mr MacDonald advised that while, of course, the Council will have to consider the matter on legal issues (ie. contravention of Scottish policies), the citizens can and should consider, other matters as they relate to environment, health, property value and damage to the community, in considering this matter.

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